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Dumb is a term originally used to describe a person who cannot speak verbally, as well as describing to a person being of "low intelligence". It has also been used in slang form to describe people/things that are considered uncool, inefficient, etc. (For example: "This new policy is so dumb.", "That shirt looks dumb on you.")

Examples of non-ableist words that can be used instead:

  • For "unable to speak verbally":
    • mute
    • nonverbal
  • For "low intelligence":
    • intellectually disabled, or the name of a specific diagnosis (if the person you are describing does literally have such disability)
  • For the slang meaning:
    • awkward
    • bad
    • boring
    • inefficient
    • pathetic
    • pitiful
    • sad
    • tacky
    • uncool